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The Heart of UX Design

Let’s take a short journey to the center of UX design and find out what lies at its heart. The only travel items you’ll need are a couple of minutes and a cup of coffee. I’m a technical writer and UX analyst for an international software company, in case you’re wondering….

The Queen of Crime

Edith Ngaio Marsh was born in 1895 (April 23; same birthday as Shakespeare) and died in 1982. In both instances, in Christchurch, New Zealand. If you want to talk about New Zealand and crime/mystery fiction, you start (and can pretty much end) with Ngaio Marsh…

The Sandcastle

The Sandcastle
Two women. A city. A sandcastle.
Written by Yisela Alvarez Trentini, Kathleen Azevedo, and Stephen Ross
Directed by Stephen Ross
Cinema555 (July 2015)
20 minutes | Mystery | Suspense

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  • The Long White Cloud

    You probably didn’t expect to read an entry from me in this slot. I’m in New Zealand house-sitting for the kid (Stephen Ross); he’s gone on vacation to work on his book. I suspect he’s really gone on vacation to catch up on his reading; he’s a prince among procrastinators, and there’s a gap on the bookshelf where his collection of Perry Mason mysteries used to reside…

    My Dead Sister from Tacoma

    Title: “My Dead Sister from Tacoma”
    Type: Novelette
    Published: Bad Kitten Press
    Date: January 2015

    Karl Cone, private detective, lover of karaoke, always getting into trouble (it’s his business), wakes to find a dead girl in his room: Blonde hair, light brown eyes, about 25. Adorably cute and damnably dead. Who is she, how did she get there? Join Cone in this quick moving, funny novelette (from Edgar Award nominated mystery author Stephen Ross), as he attempts to unravel the puzzle, and get into even more trouble.

    This is a 12 chapter, 64 page (in the print edition) novelette, and you’ll read it in an evening. May I suggest a bottle of red wine to go with it, and maybe a box of chocolates. In fact, absolutely, a box of chocolates. One can never get enough boxes containing chocolates.

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  • Adapting (to the conditions)

    I’m writing this on a bus, on a laptop. I have a 75 minute commute to the office each morning, and home again in the evening. Auckland is a spread-out city (think LA, but without the permafrost cloud of pollution). I live in a nice neighborhood, and I work in a nice neighborhood; unfortunately there’s about 40 kilometers of road in between…