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An Emotional List

I read recently in a newspaper about a study into the range of emotions human beings can feel. The study turned up 27 of them. And this was a study undertaken by the University of California Berkeley, and not some random list drawn up by two men in a pub over a pint…

Withnail & I

Picture this: A large, empty, cavernous movie theater auditorium in the depths of winter. I’m in a jacket and scarf, and my breath is visible. It’s a matinee screening and no one else came. The lights go down and the ruby red curtains part. A soulful saxophone echoes: a four a.m. version of Procol Harum’s A Whiter Shade of Pale. Up on the screen, a man sits in profile in a darkened sitting room and smokes a cigarette. He’s contemplating the universe, or he’s about to face a firing squad…

Of All the Crazy in the World

I discovered that a Clarice Falcão song (De Todos os Loucos do Mundo) bore a strong similarity (musically) to a song I wrote back in the 80s. Here’s my update of my old tune (without vocals), referencing Clarice Falcão’s song.